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Welcome to Health Action Massachusetts

Health Action Massachusetts is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit volunteer organization that exists to protect and maintain medical, religious, parental and educational rights through grassroots advocacy, influential public policy, quality educational resources, and training to an engaged, connected community.

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Our Mission:
Education for All

At our core, we are focused on preserving individual rights, while advancing equity and equality in access to education for all without discrimination or coercion. Education is a fundamental right and is foundational for all students to have the same opportunities in their lives.

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Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

We are devoted to helping individuals become advocates for themselves and their families. We achieve this by keeping all Massachusetts residents informed of proposed legislation and providing them with the tools they need to advocate for and against bills that directly impact their lives.

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Join Our Growing Community of Grassroots Advocacy

For over a decade, Health Action MA and its families, have successfully lobbied for education rights within the State. Our efforts have included proposing several pieces of legislation that would protect religious freedom, individualized medical care, educational rights and parental autonomy.

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Advocacy Center

Welcome to Health Action MA’s Advocacy Center where you can find everything you need to protect and preserved educational rights in the Commonwealth.

Join us in protecting the rights of individuals, families and communities by acting today. Together, we can make sure that Massachusetts remains a leader in sound and public policies.


  • Scroll down and check out our active campaigns where you can support/oppose bills by sending pre-filled emails to key targets.
  • Take a look our our current initiatives (below) to see if you can help.
  • Visit our Resources and 2023-2024 Bills page to learn about the bills we are supporting/opposing this session.
  • Contact your own State Rep’s and Senators (and let them know your position on the bills).  Our checklist provides all the details to set you on the right track. 
  • Prepare to testify verbally and/or in writing with our FAQs, testimony guides and resources.
  • Sign-up for our texts alerts, newsletters, join our Facebook group and follow our social media accounts to stay current.
  • Volunteer with us and donate to us, to help us continue our very important work in the Commonwealth.
  • Questions? Send us an email



Bills H.1599 and S.1114 contain language that would allow minors to consent to preventative care, including vaccination, without parental consent or knowledge. Email to strike Section 1 from H.1599 and S.1114.



Proposed bill H.604 and S.1391 aims to remove the religious exemption to vaccination for school aged children in Massachusetts, additionally the bill would add a data collection component.


OPPOSE An Act Promoting Community Immunity (S.1458 and H.2151)

The Community Immunity Act will violate basic human rights, medical ethics, and principles of informed consent. Provisions in this bill would allow vaccination without parental consent, limit medical exemptions for medically-fragile children, and limit religious freedom with respect to vaccination exemptions.


Petition to Keep Covid-19 Vaccines Optional for Children in Massachusetts

Please voice your support to keep pediatric COVID-19 vaccines OPTIONAL for children in Massachusetts, by signing and sharing our petition to the MA Department of Public Health and State Leadership.


EMAIL CAMPAIGN - KEEP COVID-19 vaccines voluntary FOR SCHOOL attendance in MA

Contact your State Officials and voice your support to keep COVID-19 vaccination voluntary in the Commonwealth and NOT a requirement for school attendance.


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Health Action MA is collecting testimonies of exemption denials as part of our legislative efforts. All information is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties unless permission is explicitly granted.

Was your child denied a medical exemption by their primary care or specialist in Massachusetts?

Was your religious or medical exemption denied by a Massachusetts College or University?

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